Mission Statement

At Crusader Sails we have always pursued a policy of providing quality and innovative products at great prices, always employing the latest and most advanced design, cutting and sewing technology. Our innovations include: the simplest, most cost effective and easy to use Squeezer/Snuffer introduced in the 1970s; computer designed sails since 1976; Magic Furl that gives the most reliable furl of asymmetrics; Tack Maxx, performance cruiser racer self tacking jib; the utilisation of Hybrid sailcloth; Furl Maxx Plus, the in mast reefing sail that radically improves performance; Super Zero, the cruising man’s code zero, adding a significant boost to performance and the ability to be furled and left in place without fear of UV degradation; and the establishing of Performance Hybrid sails.

Magic Furl in action