Mainsail Covers

Boom Cover

The classic boom cover (sometimes known as boot type) given a gentle makeover so that it fits snugly and is quick and easy to remove and fit. Includes zip up opening at the front of the mast, high grade UV protected pinch buckles under the boom, draw string mast collar and clew end to deter unwanted visitors, combining excellent ventilation  with the very best UV resistant materials and a choice of 50 colours. We have standard dimensions for 7,300 different types of boat. Slots can be added to accommodate permanently rigged lazy jacks and chafe protection against mast winches, halyard clutches and vertical pole stowage are easily added.

Stack Pack

Crusader Sails’ stack pack has a number of unique features to reduce the time and effort readying the sail to hoist and stow. These include a simple zip on bonnet around the mast which on most boats can stay in place whilst sailing, full length mesh drainage and ventilation panels, suitable for rope or loose foot mainsails and easily accommodating 3 rows of reef points. Subtle features include Velcro stowage for the main zip tail, spare main zip slider and automatic bungee tie to prevent gape if the bonnet is removed. Accommodates existing lazy jacks or add one of our easy to fit and adjustable lazy jack systems with bridles, blocks, cleats and lines. We have standard dimensions for 7,300 different types of boat with a choice of 50 colours.