Mainsail Handling Systems

Tides Marine Track

A reliable, easy to fit mast track with super low friction stainless steel luff slides. We have been supplying and fitting Tides Marine tracks for over 20 years and continue to be impressed by the reliability and simplicity of this system. The Tides Marine track features in most Crusader mainsail upgrades where ease of handling and reducing friction are vital. The single piece track is extruded to length and the correct profile to slide up a mast of any manufacture. Low friction stainless steel slides require little to no maintenance – the occasional rinse with fresh water and your mainsail will fly up and down everytime. See more at

Magic Stack

Crusader’s Magic Stack system allows mainsails of any size to be safely hoisted, lowered and importantly, secured from the cockpit.

Compatible with all Crusader mainsail covers