Fully Battened Mainsail

Modern manufacturing has changed fully battened sails beyond all recognition. Gone are the days of heavy, floppy battens, super expensive and unnecessarily complex hardware and massive friction in luff slides.

All our fully battened sails are supplied with stiff, super lightweight round battens, lightweight luff boxes with calibrated integral compression adjustment, super smooth Kevlar reinforced batten pockets at the leech (no need for lumpy fittings that foul lazy jacks and topping lift) and low friction OWS and MDS batten cars to make hoisting easier than ever.

Design Features:

  • Choice of premium Dacron sailcloth
  • Rugged cross cut construction
  • Double sewn seams
  • Computer optimised sail shape for best performance
  • Super strong stainless steel rings
  • Reef points with luff ear rings for ease of handling
  • Tell tails and leech line
  • Double taped and roped luff for extra strength
  • Kevlar reinforced batten pockets with round glass fibre battens
  • Composite or marine grade aluminium headboard with all stainless steel fastenings
  • Sail number and insignia
  • Loose foot
  • Individually computer optimised reinforcement

Tech Talk

Paul Lees
This is a significant upgrade in performance, ease of handling and stowing. Ignore the myths about vast expense and being unable to de-power. Modern hardware, lightweight and stiff round battens follow the moulded shape of the sail rather than torturing in the camber with massive compression. The latest luff entry batten boxes make a very simple job of fitting and removal with calibrated adjustment. The leech end is super smooth to minimise snags on topping lifts and lazy jacks with absolute minimum windage and Kevlar reinforcing.

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