Magic Zero Gennaker

A simple, lightweight and colourful Nylon headsail for yachts up to 30 feet. Set free flying from a spinnaker halyard and launched simply from a turtle bag. Fully compatible with Squeezer / Snuffer or Magic Furl.

Design Features:

  • 165% Light Gennaker
  • 1.5oz Ripstop Nylon
  • Free Flying
  • Spectra reinforced luff
  • Furling or Non-Furling
  • Powerful Computer Generated shape
  • Low stretch triradial construction
  • External rings all round
  • Tell tails
  • Launch Bag

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What Our Customers Say

  With the lockdown, only got to use the new sail in the last week. Sets beautifully and, in particular, works much closer to the wind than the original it replaced.  
Dazcat 10