Storm Jib

We all hope we never use one but it’s astonishing how well your boat will sail with the correct sails if you get caught out in stormy weather. Super strong construction, usually in high visibilty orange, racing rules compliant. See our rigging section or talk to one of our experts re easy handling solutions for all types of mast. Think of it as safety equipment.

Design Features:

  • High visibility heavy weight Dacron
  • Triple or quadruple sewn
  • Extra heavy duty hanks
  • Extra heavy reinforcement
  • Cut to suit ORC storm sail regulations
  • Optional wrap around option for use with roller reefing genoa

The very best solution for setting is to have the sail hanked onto a stay. A common compromise is a wraparound sail which literally wraps around a furled roller reefing genoa. It does work but be prepared for some collateral damage to headsail and/or reefing system. Forget the idea of setting a storm jib flying, only those who have never hoisted a storm jib in real anger could possibly think it’s a good idea. Speak to one of our team for first hand experience and advice on solutions for fitting emergency inner forestays.

Tech Talk

Paul Lees
This is a bit personal. Everybody who sails the English Channel and further afield should have one. Storm Sails are proper safety equipment, like flares and life rafts. When it’s cold, wet and windy and getting a long way from home and you’re on your last reef, proper storm sails seem very cheap at that time.

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What Our Customers Say

  Hi Paul, I recently took part (successfully!) in the Jester Baltimore Challenge and am writing to tell you how pleased I am with the sails that you have either made, or refurbed for me over the last couple of years. In particular, the most recent - a flat cut "no 3" proved to be really useful. And, yes, you were right, when things get a bit fresh the boat (a 24ft Cal t4) goes well under storm jib and reefed main! Thanks again  
Cal T4
  Thank you for the sails which arrived with us last week. They’ve had a bit of a baptism of fire as we’ve been beating westwards from Plymouth - currently in Newlyn waiting for the sea to die off a bit before we head for the Scillies. The working jib in particular has been fantastic in all weathers so far and sets beautifully, but everything we have put up so far has been great too. Will definitely be in touch in the future should we need to replace our existing sails. Thanks also to Paul, Vicky and (I think) Matt who sorted out the payment, delivery etc speedily and efficiently. All the best. Most of my photos of the new sails are totally rubbish I’m afraid but I thought you might like this one - (old) crusader main and (new) crusader working jib working well together on the Firth of Clyde a couple of days ago! Cheers.  
Contessa 26