Tack Maxx

This sail seriously improves the performance across the wind range of self-tacking jibs, the design with battens and roach in the leech addresses the lack of interaction encountered with the classic self-tacking set up by improving the air flow to the leeward side of the mainsail.

Design Features:

  • Includes easy furl battens
  • Hybrid or laminate sailcloth
  • Curved clew board for greater area and improved leech control
  • Optional UV strip


Tech Talk

Paul Lees
Developed by Crusader Sails to achieve the maximum performance from a non overlapping headsail using laminate or hybrid sailcloth with roach in the leech (convex curve) supported by battens orientated so that the sail will fully roll onto the reefing system, this greatly improves the interaction between headsail and mainsail smoothly unifying the air flow of the two sails into a unified driving force. In short, it points higher and goes faster. The latest curved clew board increases overlap and assists smooth tacking and sheet angle adjustment.

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What Our Customers Say

  Just to let you know we are delighted with the spinnaker - it had a good first outing on Wednesday and performed well in fresh conditions and on a reach which we probably wouldn’t have held our other kite. Haven’t tried the jib yet, but maybe this weekend with only 5knts forecast for a race to Brixham from the Dart. (Later) Tried out the new light weather jib last night - it looks great and performed well giving us one of our best Wednesday night race positions ever, despite a really sloppy easterly sea. Hope others are impressed and it generates some business for you!!!