Cruiser Racer Mainsail (Laminate)

Design Features:

  • Radial or multi-axial laminate
  • Rugged construction
  • Double sewn and glued seams
  • Computer optimised sail shape for best performance
  • Super strong stainless steel rings
  • Reef points with luff ear rings for ease of handling
  • Tell tails and leech line
  • Double taped and roped luff for extra strength
  • Kevlar reinforced batten pockets with optimised glass fibre battens
  • Composite or marine grade aluminium headboard with all stainless steel fastenings
  • Sail number and insignia
  • Loose foot and clew slug slide or webbing strop as preferred
  • Individually computer optimised reinforcement
  • Luff cunningham
  • Grand prix sail shape
  • Camber stripes

Tech Talk

Paul Lees
For the performance minded skipper with cruising durability. Cut from the latest laminates including Twaron, Pentex and Kevlar with the serious regatta competitor in mind.

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