Racing Mainsail

Crusader Sails offer a choice of construction ranging from multi axial fibre, membrane and asymmetric laminates to suit your racing requirements. Talk to one of our racing guys who’ve been there and done it.

Design Features:

  • Rating optimisation
  • concept and performance coaching
  • Top drawer carbon and titanium fittings where appropriate

Tech Talk

Paul Lees
The ultimate in panelled, microfibre, membrane and molded sails at the Grand Prix end of the racing scene. Our design team includes multiple champions in dinghies, keel boats and inshore racers.

Our Full Range of Mainsails

What Our Customers Say

  Attached are some photos taken of your sails (the black ones). They might be useful for you. I am trying to get a high res file from the photographer. If i do I'll pass it on. Yes we stuffed em!!!  
Mustang 30