Furl Maxx Cruising Mainsail

Driven by the need for reliable in-mast reefing mainsails, Crusader Sails have developed the fourth generation in-mast cruising mainsail for ultimate smooth and reliable furling and the best performance achieved from a battenless sail.

Design Features:

  • Fully moulded sail shape
  • Extra power from improved sail design
  • Hybrid sailcloth
  • Improved speed and pointing ability
  • High quality ball bearing clew block
  • Triple or quadruple sewn seams for durability
  • Suitable for Selden, Z Spar and Sparcraft masts
  • Easily delivered Worldwide
  • Smooth furling
  • UV Protection at clew in a choice of 50 colours
  • Leech line
  • Reef reference marks

Tech Talk

Paul Lees
Cut from fill orientated Vektran woven hybrid sailcloth without battens and the preference of those looking for a simple sail with improved longevity and performance on Dacron sails. Strongly reinforced and protected clew with integral ball bearing clew block, racing style Spectra leech line and the ability to fit Selden, Z Spar, Sparcraft, France Spar, Charleston, Hood and Proctor in mast reefing spars. It also works extremely well with behind the mast (BTM) add-on systems. Clew UV protection in 50 standard colours.

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