Furl Maxx Plus Mainsail

CRUSADER SAILS’ fresh approach to the in-mast reefing mainsail combines 5 years development with a subtle blend of tried and tested high tech woven sailcloth, ultra lightweight carbon fibre sail battens and state of the art computer design to provide a smoothly rolling, high performance mainsail.

Design Features:

  • Fully moulded sail shape
  • Extra power from MAXX roach area
  • Hybrid sailcloth
  • Greatly improved twist control
  • Improved speed and pointing ability
  • Low maintenance Kevlar reinforced batten pockets
  • Ultra low profile batten end caps
  • High quality ball bearing clew block
  • Triple or quadruple sewn seams for durability
  • Suitable for Selden, Z Spar, Sparcraft, Francespar, Charleston, Hood and Proctor masts
  • Easily delivered Worldwide
  • Staggered batten ends top and bottom for easier reefing
  • Sail automatically flattens when reefed
  • Smooth furling
  • UV protection at clew in a choice of 50 colours

Tech Talk

Paul Lees
There’s a whole bunch of spooky things which seem counter intuitive with this sail only made possible by our in house computer software. This sail really works. Some of the facts include: the battens are not parallel to the luff - they are actually rolling onto the surface of a cone, they are not sewn to the sail to a straight line - they follow the greater circle route across the surface of the sail, and the sail flattens as it reefs. Ring one of our experts if you have 10 or 15 minutes to spare if you want the full explanation. Suffice it to say these sails give seriously improved sailing performance, control, boat speed and reduction in leeway. Works perfectly with Selden, Z Spar, Sparcraft, Francespar, Charleston, Hood and Proctor in mast reefing spars. It also works extremely well with behind the mast (BTM) add-on systems. Clew UV protection in 50 standard colours.

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What Our Customers Say

  Sail received and now fitted and briefly tried. Thank everyone involved. I  feel much safer knowing the sail will not jam when the wind gets up a bit.  
  Greetings, My brother and I are delighted with our FurlMaxx Plus mainsail which we purchased last year. It is superb!  
Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 49i
  Actually, perfect timing... I'm sitting with a couple of boat owners in the marina right now and we were just singing your praises. First class service from start to finish. Thanks again for the delivery and all of the advice. Can't wait to test them out!  
Moody 40CC
  I thought that I would just drop you a line to tell you how pleased we are with the new sails that you made us for our Bavaria 44, we brought them out to Greece with us in our motorhome last week and they fit the boat perfectly. We launched on Monday and have had some good sailing including a ten mile beat today when we left a newer similar boat for dead! The higher cut on the genoa was definitely a good idea of yours as it makes it so much easier to see forward and performance does not seem to have suffered. The boat is much better balanced than before and the mainsail rolls in and out of the mast easily by hand.  
Bavaria 44